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OverLooker's Bondage Adventures - Emma & my gift to Mark

I hope you enjoy and please comment.

It was nearing the birthday for one of Emma's close friends. Her friend was turning 16 years old and Emma wanted his 16th birthday to be one he would remember for ever. The boy's name was Mark and he was a pretty good looking boy. I had heard stories of Mark's sexual exploits and met him a few times but sadly never got to experience them that is untill his 16th birthday. Mark was a fan of bondage and perfered being the dominate and Emma knew just what to get him for his birthday.

Emma planned a nice party for him and asked me to help with presents and everything so I went to her house the day before to help her wrap up all the gifts. I showed up around 11:30 AM and we wrapped boxes and packages for a few hours before taking a little break. We finaly finished and Emma said I did a good jobnas she wasted no time pulling ovv her shirt in the middle of her kitchen. She teased me a bit and got me all hard. She stripped me down to nothing and ziptied my wrists behind my back followed by my ankles. I laughed and got turned on untill things started to head south.

Once I was nude and all zip tied up she laughed and explained that I was going to be the last and final gift for Mark as she hogtied me. I complained of course but once Emma jammed the rags in my mouth and secured them in with tape there really wasnt much I could do. So there I was on the kitchen floor of Emma's house naked, hogtied with zipties, rags jammed in my mouth and tapped in. She added the final touch which was a nice cardboard sign around my neck that said 'Fuck me' in red sharpy. Emma rolled me into a large boc by the door and left me there all night untill the party the next day.

Emma's parents drove her to the party along with the gifts including me completly unawarwe I was even inside one of the many boxes. Once there Emma and some friends carried all the gifts and me inside and carried me in to Mark's room. I could hear all the kids laughing and playing games for a few hours then the party started to die down.

Emma was the last person to leave but she didnt until Mark saw the best gift she got him. They made their way to Mark's room and opened the door to see a big brown box in the middle of the floor. Mark asked what it was and all Emma said back was to open it. He ripped open the box and there was cute little me naked, hogtied, and gagged with a fuck me sign around my neck. Mark laughed and kissed Emma. He thanked her and asked her If she wouldnt mind waiting in the other room while he played with his toy. She smiled and walked out of the room as the door closed. Mark took off the sign and undid the hogtie before tossing me onto his bed. He bent me over and slapped my ass a little making it red. He lubbed up and slid himself inside me nice and slow. It felt wonderful to have Mark fucking me on his soft bed.

Two hours later Mark walked out of his bedroom covered in sweat with the largest grin on his face. Emma untied me and gave me some clothes to put on while we waited for her parents to pick us up. Her parents assumed I got my own ride and they counldnt pic me up then never even relized that they drove me to the party too. I made Mark the happiest on his Birthday.


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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
The day she was given the ring and asked to become his wife water fell from the sky like small bullets. She should have known then that the rain was a foreshadowing of what was to come. If she had only known then what she did now maybe things would have played out differently and she wouldn’t be in the situation she now found herself in on this memorable day with the rain once again a foreshadow.

The heavy rain pelted Judith as she ran out from the building where her wedding rehearsal was taking place. She stopped at the door and looked out but only for a moment before running across the street into the fenced park. She didn’t know where she was going only that she needed to go and think and be alone perhaps only to clear her head or maybe to never look back. The rain soaked her beautiful white gown as she ran. Mud splashed up and onto Judith’s once white gown turning spots into shades of brown. Once out of sight and safe in the trees she slowed her run to a walk and thought about her possible wedding day a day that should make her smile but instead lead her to run into the woods in a drenched and now mud covered dress.

She found a nicely sized stone and sat down letting the cold refreshing air slide through the leaves of the trees and onto her. Apart from the sound of falling rain the park seemed silent leaving the young Judith alone with her thoughts. She let out a sigh and a smile as she thought how naive and childish she had been as she calmed down and thought of her husband to be at the rehearsal surrounded by friends and family confused. She turned around and began her walk back to the building as a feeling of reassurance rushed over her. She stopped at the tree line of the wooded park and looked at the building seeing her future husband and her father standing outside smoking. She put her arm up in the air to wave and shout.
Before Judith's voice left her rose colored lips a hand firmly clamped itself over her mouth as other arms dragged her back into the trees and out of sight. The woman began to panic and tried to kick and scream only to learn her captor was not working alone. Three young men wearing ski-masks grabbed her arms and legs pinning her down to the ground covering her already ruined wedding gown now in even more mud and dirt.

"Mmmmppphhhhh?!!?" Judith cried through the rough hand keeping her from calling to her loved ones.

The man removed his hand for a moment giving Judith time to call for help or so she had thought before a muddy rag was jammed into her mouth followed by a roll of silver tape wrapped around her head pressing her veil and long brown hair against her head.

"Mmmmpppphhhhh!!!" The woman screamed as her hands and ankles were bound with rope.

She continued to struggle as more ropes were bound above and below her elbows and knees further restricting her movement. Once she was secured and silenced the men wasted no time dragging the woman's bound gagged wet and muddy body to a different entrance to the park where a black SUV was waiting.

"Toss her in the trunk" one of the men ordered pointing to the back of the SUV before they jumped into the passenger seat.

The other two did as ordered and put her in the trunk making sure to blindfold her just in case she saw where they were going. Judith listened as the SUV started and they pulled out onto the main road. She had finally stopped struggling and tried to pay attention to the turns they were making, right then left then left then right, but she could not keep up and lost track.

Judith tried to think of what to do but she drew a blank. She had no cell phone to call for help and these men didn’t seem like your random kidnappers they had a plan. She felt the SUV pull over and stop followed by the engine turning off and the sound of the doors opening. The trunk sprang open and she felt herself being lifted by one of the men and carried. Through a door she went then another then down some stairs and through another door before she was placed on a chair.

"She looks real cute" one of the masked kidnappers said as they cut off the tape gag and pulled off the veil and blindfold revealing her brown colored eyes and brown hair. Judith spit out the wad of dirty rags that had been jammed in her mouth.

She struggled for a moment but realized it was no hope as the men laughed at her attempts at freedom. Judith looked around the room the walls were made of cement and had chains of different sized and lengths attached.

"Please-“ She begged which was only met with more laughs.

"Now be a good little bride so we can change your restraints" a second captor ordered running his fingers over his ski-masked covered head as the other two grabbed various objects out of bags. The men then began to cut the binds from Judith’s wrists and ankles letting the ropes fall to the floor.

"Please -” She began only to feel the cold back of the leader's hand smack her across the face his piercing green eyes looking lustful.

"Did I say you could talk wedding girl?" he asked with a smirk as his two accomplices secured some type of gloves or mittens onto Judith's hands stopping her from being able to use them for much.

She whimpered slightly followed by her panties being removed and replaced with a large diaper. Once her hands were covered and the diaper was in place she was forced onto her knees looking up at the three men with her big brown eyes. The men all gave an evil smile as one of them gave a big squeeze her soft breasts.

"I'll do anything just let me go" their captive said even though deep down she was beginning to be turned on by the events.

"I almost forgot - ringgag" The boss said with a snap of his fingers.
Almost on exact command the other two jumped into action one of them grabbing the girl's head and sliding fingers into her mouth to keep her open while the other grabbed a large gag with an 'O' shaped opening in the middle to keep her mouth open. It was secured nice and tight the metal and leather slightly pinching her skin followed.

"Mmmmppphhhh" Judith whimpered through her new gag as drool dripped from her mouth and slid down her breasts.

"Well I think she should rest for now" The third man said as he headed to the one and only door in the room.

The others agreed and walked out leaving the poor bride to be bound and gagged in a wet muddy wedding dress wearing a diaper all alone in an empty room. She had given up the struggle at this point and felt tired and defeated and only wanted to rest. Judith closed her eyes and put her head against the cold cement floor closing here eyes. She thought about what she had been running away from only hours earlier and what she had now gotten herself into.

She awoke sometime latter to the sound of the door opening and the three men walking back inside sounding intoxicated. Without saying a word to her or one another she was grabbed and forced onto all fours. She was still trying to wake up and process the situation when a cock slid into her open ringgagged mouth and hit the back of her throat. She coughed the first few times but quickly adjusted.

"That didn’t take long look at this" one of the men said pointing out her diaper was wet with her juice.

"Excited girl?" one of the men asked as her diaper was removed and a large dick slid inside.

The three men took turns changing positions with one another for the next two hours pinning her against the walls or bending her over and even laying her flat on her back. When it all came to an end her face, chest, and other areas were covered in the men’s excitement.

"Now lets mummify this bitch" one of the men said as he walked back into the room with a black duffel bag. He dumped out the contents onto the floor showing ballgags, ringgags, penisgags, chains, cuffs, and more. The men all laughed before springing into action. Judith's restraints were all removed with the exception of her gag. Then the three men stripped her down to her bare smooth white flesh exposing her perky breasts and tight pussy. She was then put into a diaper. She could feel the hands of her captors all over her body

Judith tried to resist but against three adult males she stood no chance. One of the masked hostage takers put the wet muddy dress back on and chained up her wrists in front along with a large spreader bar between her legs. She moaned through her ringgagged mouth hearing the men laughing at her struggles taking enjoyment in her punishment. She felt their hands all over her body groping her breasts and legs.

"Mmmmppphhh" she moaned more drool then ever dripping from her mouth and onto her perky exposed breasts

"Well boys looks like our doll is happier then ever" the leader said as Judith felt a hand smack her rear end.

"I say we keep her like this to think about what she has done" he ordered as she felt a collar attach around her neck.

The collar was attached to a chain from a pole in the center of the room allowing her to roam most of the room except it's darkest corners. The three men then walked out leaving their alone and cold but not before leaving several active vibrators slipped inside her pussy and on her nipples. Judith spent the next few at the mercy of these three men until one day when a fourth man arrived to inspect her progress.

"How is she?" she heard a voice in the other room ask.
Judith recognized the voice of this fourth man but could not think straight after being tamed by her captors. She crawled up to the door and pressed her ear against it trying to hear better.

"Shes fantastic I think you will be impressed" the lead kidnapper replied.

"I hope she wasn't to much trouble for you" the voice said with a chuckle.

"She was worth it. Very fun and exciting" the tanned man said.

"Can I go see her now?" the voice asked excitement in his voice.

"Yes sir you can" the leader answered.

Judith heard the footsteps come closer and backed away from the door. She heard it unlock and light from the other room flooded into hers temporarily blinding her. The four men walked in and looked down at the young woman. She was still wearing a muddied wedding dress, diaper, a bitgag, and the chains with the addition of mittens on her hands to keep her from forming anything other then a fist.

The woman's eyes finally adjusted to the light and for the first time saw her captors without their ski-masks on. It was Jimmy, Alex, and Mark her soon to be husband's groomsmen. A wave of shock and surprise rushed over her entire body as she set her eyes onto the fourth man. Her husband to be James was standing in front of her a simple smile across his face and sparkling blue eyes.

"Mmmppphhhh?!?!" Judith cried out not quite knowing what it was she was trying to say.

"Honey you look beautiful" James said as he bent down and lifted her head with a finger inspecting her face and body.

The tanned skin kidnapper now known to be Alex bent down and removed the gag. Judith knew better by now then to speak without permission and stayed silent until spoken to.

"Judith you ok?" James asked a little bit of concern in his voice.

"Yes sir." she replied as her emotions of anger, shock, and love struggled for power inside her.

"Do you know what tomorrow is?" James asked as he helped Judith stand and walked her over to the single chair in the room.

"No sir. I don't even know what today it" she replied truthfully she had understandably forgotten due to all of her excitement over the last few days.

"Tomorrow is our wedding day and we are to be married" James said happily.

"Oh" Judith said a little surprised.

"Yes now everything has been arranged for you the wedding will be amazing - that is if you still want to marry me. As my wife things will be different you will be my toy, my slave, mine forever and always" James explained.

"I - i - yes" she replied with a smile.

"Good then I shall see you tomorrow for our wedding day!" he said happy and excited in anticipation of the best day of their lives.

"But- Mmmppphhhh!" Judith said only to have the bitgag back into her mouth.

"These boys will take good care of you and bring you to church on time. I have to go now and finalize a few things. I love you dear" he said as he kissed her on the forehead and walked out of the room leaving her with the three captors she now knew to be groomsmen.

"Ok boys lets let her rest she has a big day" Jimmy said the three left the room and let her rest and process what had just happened.

The next morning Judith was shaken awake my Jimmy, Alex, and Mark who had agreed to get her ready for her wedding. Her collar was detached from the pole and then Judith was dragged into the next room. The three men each had a full roll of silver tape and began to wrap it around her entire body encasing the dress. After several minutes Judith was completely immobile. She leaned against the wall looking at her captors. She was wearing a diaper underneath her wet and muddy wedding dress from days earlier, and then mummified in silver tape. Her still mitten secured hands could not move an inch under the tape.

"You are allowed to speak your mind Judith but only for the next minute" Jimmy said as he took of Judith’s bitgag.

"How do I look?" she asked her big brown eyes looking at the groomsmen who were changing into their tuxedos.

"Lovely. James picked a keeper" Mark replied running his fingers through his jelled black hair.

"There are just a few minor changes we need to make" Jimmy said.

The three men smiled as the reached into a small white bad labeled 'for wedding only' on it. They pulled out a gigantic white ballgag. The men wasted little time making the bride opened her mouth as wide as she could to accept the gag. She felt the white leather straps on the back of her head. The veil was then placed over her head hiding the gag from view. They then got into the limo and headed off to the wedding a day that would truly change Judith's life forever.


This was finally it the moment she had been waiting for. The music began to play and people walked down the isles. And now it was Judith's turn. Judith being unable to move just about anything was carried down to the alter by Jimmy and Alex. Judith moaned and struggled a bit for fun as everyone looked on. She turned red a bit embarrassed but there was nothing to do now but get married. She reached the alter and was greeted by Mark who had become a minister for just this occasion.

"Judith - as long as you are mine I promise to keep you as my slave and my toy for me to play with and do as I please" James said.

"Mmmmppphhh" Judith said blushing.

“Do you James take Judith to be your wife?” Mark asked.

“I do” James replied.

“And do you Judith take James to be your husband?” Mark asked.

“I do” Judith said after James pulled down the large white ballgag.

“You may now kiss the bride” Mark said.

James lifted the veil and kissed Judith his tongue exploring her mouth. The music played and James walked out of the church carrying his bound and gagged wife and into the white limo outside. People threw rice and flowers as the new married couple got into the limo and drove off to go straight into their honeymoon.

"I love you Judith" James said with a smile.

"Mmmmpppphhhh!" Judith replied.

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