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OverLooker's Bondage Adventures - Emma & my gift to Mark

I hope you enjoy and please comment.

It was nearing the birthday for one of Emma's close friends. Her friend was turning 16 years old and Emma wanted his 16th birthday to be one he would remember for ever. The boy's name was Mark and he was a pretty good looking boy. I had heard stories of Mark's sexual exploits and met him a few times but sadly never got to experience them that is untill his 16th birthday. Mark was a fan of bondage and perfered being the dominate and Emma knew just what to get him for his birthday.

Emma planned a nice party for him and asked me to help with presents and everything so I went to her house the day before to help her wrap up all the gifts. I showed up around 11:30 AM and we wrapped boxes and packages for a few hours before taking a little break. We finaly finished and Emma said I did a good jobnas she wasted no time pulling ovv her shirt in the middle of her kitchen. She teased me a bit and got me all hard. She stripped me down to nothing and ziptied my wrists behind my back followed by my ankles. I laughed and got turned on untill things started to head south.

Once I was nude and all zip tied up she laughed and explained that I was going to be the last and final gift for Mark as she hogtied me. I complained of course but once Emma jammed the rags in my mouth and secured them in with tape there really wasnt much I could do. So there I was on the kitchen floor of Emma's house naked, hogtied with zipties, rags jammed in my mouth and tapped in. She added the final touch which was a nice cardboard sign around my neck that said 'Fuck me' in red sharpy. Emma rolled me into a large boc by the door and left me there all night untill the party the next day.

Emma's parents drove her to the party along with the gifts including me completly unawarwe I was even inside one of the many boxes. Once there Emma and some friends carried all the gifts and me inside and carried me in to Mark's room. I could hear all the kids laughing and playing games for a few hours then the party started to die down.

Emma was the last person to leave but she didnt until Mark saw the best gift she got him. They made their way to Mark's room and opened the door to see a big brown box in the middle of the floor. Mark asked what it was and all Emma said back was to open it. He ripped open the box and there was cute little me naked, hogtied, and gagged with a fuck me sign around my neck. Mark laughed and kissed Emma. He thanked her and asked her If she wouldnt mind waiting in the other room while he played with his toy. She smiled and walked out of the room as the door closed. Mark took off the sign and undid the hogtie before tossing me onto his bed. He bent me over and slapped my ass a little making it red. He lubbed up and slid himself inside me nice and slow. It felt wonderful to have Mark fucking me on his soft bed.

Two hours later Mark walked out of his bedroom covered in sweat with the largest grin on his face. Emma untied me and gave me some clothes to put on while we waited for her parents to pick us up. Her parents assumed I got my own ride and they counldnt pic me up then never even relized that they drove me to the party too. I made Mark the happiest on his Birthday.


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Bradley and Brooke got out of the dark green jeep and walked up to the front door of the nice tan colored house the beams of the sun deflecting off the glass of the windows. Bradley smiled and held his girlfriend’s hand as they approached the entrance to his parent’s house.

“You ok?” Brooke asked looking over at her boyfriend who had stopped holding her hand to wipe the sweat against his jeans.

“What? Oh ya im fine. Just a little nervous.” He replied grabbing her hand once again before ringing the doorbell.

“I should be the nervous one. Im the one meeting your family for the first time! Or is it that you are worried your family will find out you like to be your girlfriend’s little sex slave?” Brooke said back with a giggle.

“Hey don’t joke about that. That’s our personal life and not their business.” Bradley snapped back proving that was his concern.

Just then the front door opened and the couple were greeted by Bradley’s mother who was wearing a nice and slightly tight light pink sweater along with a pair of jeans which showed off her surprisingly good figure and an apron. Her dirty blonde hair was about shoulder length with a few strands over her green eyes.

“Bradley! Its so good to see you! And you must be Brooke! We have heard so much about you. It is nice to finally meet!” Ms. Abbott said giving them both hugs before ushering them inside and closing the front door.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you as well Ms. Abbott.” Brooke said with a smile.

“Oh please Brooke call me Felicia.” Ms. Abbott said returning Brooke’s smile.

“Is everyone home already?” Bradley asked as he heard noise from the kitchen.

“Your father is at work and will be home soon. Derek is in the basement and Audrey is in the kitchen helping out with dinner. Doug went out a little while go he should be back in a bit” his mother replied as they walked into the dinning room which was connected to the kitchen.

They could see from an open counter section in the wall which linked the dinning room and the kitchen that a short light blonde girl with long braided hair who turned out to be Bradley’s sister was hard at work in the kitchen.

“Hey bro! Oh is this her?” she said looking up from what she was doing.

“This is my girlfriend Brooke, Brooke this is Audrey my little sister” Bradley said introducing the two to one another.

“Hi there, what you making?” Brooke said trying to be friendly as she walked into the kitchen followed by Bradley’s mother.

Bradley headed over to his bedroom with his and his girlfriend’s luggage placing it all in the corner of the room for them to sort out later. He then made his way down to the basement to see his brother as the three women began to chat away about dinner. He opened a door revealing the wooden stairs that lead down to the basement. Bradley walked down the steps hearing the sounds of a videogame getting louder and louder. Finally he walked into the finished basement to see his brother Derek playing one of his many first person shooters and yelling into his headset.

“Hey you busy?” Bradley joked as he leaned against the doorframe.

“I was till this little camping bitch killed me for the hundredth time. Little prick.” Derek said taking off the headset and putting down the controller.

“Gotta hate those campers” Bradley chuckled as he sat down on the couch next to his brother.

“So how you been man? Hows college?” Derek asked as he left the game lobby and turned to his older brother.

“Its exactly what you would expect. The same as high school but more expensive and they don’t care about you.” Bradley replied bluntly with a sigh.

“At least you got all the college girls. Hey where is she anyway? Weren’t you bringing a girl over?” Derek asked.

“Ya she up stairs with mom and Audrey.” Bradley assured Derek who had heard of her on more then one occasion.

“Well what are we waiting for? I wanna see this fine piece of booty you got in person!” Derek said jumping up from the couch.

Bradley followed Derek up the stairs almost racing him to the kitchen. When they had both gotten to where their mother, sister, and Brooke were they saw that their other brother Doug had come back and was snacking on some carrots that had been put on the table as an appetizer.

“Hey Doug!” Bradley and Derek said as the wrestled each other to get into the dining room before the other.

“Hey little brothers.” Doug replied taking a loud snapping bite from another carrot.

“And that is my youngest son over there Derek.” Ms. Abbott said nodding her head to the boys as she continued to cook.

“Its nice to finally meet you after all that my brother has said about you.” Derek said as walked up to Brooke and kissed her hand making the girl blush.

“How polite.” Brooke responded with a giggle looking back at her boyfriend who was smiling.

Just then their father Mr. Abbott opened the front door and walked inside greeting the family one by one before being introduced to his second oldest son’s ne girlfriend. After pleasantries had been exchanged and the dinner as prepared they all sat town to enjoy the meal that Felicia and Audrey had made. Over the meal Bradley and Brooke told the story of how they met and how school was and what they were each studying before the conversation got more diverse.

“This is a wonderful dinner, Thank you Ms. Abbott and thank you too Audrey.” Brooke complemented.

“Thank you dear, if you think this is good just wait until thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. And please you can call me Felicia.” Ms. Abbott said feeling quite happy with Brooke’s approval of dinner.

Once they had all cleaned their plates Ms. Abbott cleared the table and brought out a small apple pie which was quickly devoured by the family. Although it was only seven in the evening when they finished dinner Bradley and Brooke chose to retire from the night since they had spent most of the day on the road to drive down to Bradley’s house. After they had gone into Brad’s room Brooke quickly closed and locked the door pushing her boyfriend onto the bed.

“I have a surprise for you” she said with an evil smile after removing Bradley’s shirt.

Bradley was a bit puzzled but far to turned on to think as his girlfriend went over to the luggage and went through the bags to find something. She then pulled out a pair of padded handcuffs she had taken from their apartment back home. Bradley smiled as she jumped back onto the bed and cuffed his hands to the headboard of the bed.

“Broo-“ Bradley began before the girl kissed him her tongue wiggling inside of his mouth.

“Shhhhh, baby I just wanna have fun and play with you.” She said as she nibbled on his neck and stroking his cock through his jeans.

Slowly Brooke removed her boyfriend’s pants and then his boxers while stroking him the entire time. She then took the boxers and put them over his head up to his eyes to keep him blindfolded and in the dark. Her hands and lips then moved over his body making him very excited.

“Your family is very nice you know - - -“ The girl said stroking Bradley’s cock making him moan and sigh with approval.

“I hope I made a good first impression. You think I did?” she asked as she continued to toy with him.

Y-yes they all seemed to l-li-iike you” Brad moaned.

“Your brothers are very cute you know almost as cute as you. And Derek clearly likes me.” Brooke continued as she pleased her boyfriend.

“I bet I could make him submit just like I did to you – maybe Doug as well, that would be fun right? Would you like that? I know I would. The three Abbot brothers all bound on their knees as my slaves –“ she said mocking her tied up boyfriend her voice drifting off at the end as she thought of the fun she could have with three boys under her spell.

“Brooke – “ Brad murmured as he continued to get filled with pleasure.

“Hushh just enjoy?” she replied playfully.

“Ohhhh” he gasped feeling her mouth around his manhood.

“Shhhhhhhh. You don’t want any of your family to hear you enjoying yourself do you? You did say you didn’t want anyone to know you are my little slut.” Brooke said as one of her hands trailed between his legs and to Brad’s rear.

“No I don’t. Im your slut please keep me your secret.” Bradley begged as he felt her fingers play with his hole.

“What would poor mommy think if she knew? I did bring more toys I could tie her to a chair and let her watch—“ Brooke teased again.

“No!” Brad replied as he squirmed.

“Why not? She is rather attractive for her age. Clearly she had nice breasts under that sweater. I would love to play with her.” Brooke continued as she watched her boyfriend wiggle.

“Baby ---“ Bradley’s voice trailed off as his girlfriend continued to play with his cock and tease him.

“Shhhh. A girl can dream cant she?” Brooke asked with a giggle followed by a smile and nod from her tied boyfriend.

Brooke moved on top of her boyfriend and kissed him as she removed his restraints and his boxers covering his eyes freeing him from his very pleasurable captivity. Bradley looked up at his girlfriend who was sitting on his chest her long brown hair down to her chest and her blue but almost purple eyes pierced his soul. How could I not let her do everything she wants with those eyes he thought looking at his pale skinned love. Brooke in turn looked at her pet and lover as well as her slave with his short dirty blonde hair like his mother and green eyes to match.

“Well today is a special night. I met your family for the first time and now as a gift ill let you play with me. No restraints though or you can spend the night in the closet.” Brooke said with a smile as she got up off the bed and unbuttoned her blouse exposing her C cup breasts in her light blue bra.

Bradley blushed as she continued to strip off her clothes leaving her bra and panties. He had never seen her be so sweet without being a tease which she still was kind of being however it was different. Bradley jumped at the chance to have his girl without him being tied which was not very often. The fooled around under the sheets the rest of their clothes getting thrown to the floor. Brooke was amazing making Bradley explode several times before he collapsed onto the bed and eventually fell asleep in the arms of Brooke.

Bradley’s eyes opened to the sunlight shining into the bedroom through the partly open window blinds and some birds in the distance. He turned over to see Brooke wasn’t in the bed asleep beside him. He was still nude since he and Brooke fell asleep right after the sex she had let them have. Bradley smiled and got out of the bed putting on some clothes and walking out of the bedroom to the bathroom down the hall. On his way down the hall Bradley began to smell something cooking. He followed the sent to the kitchen where his mother was making eggs and toast and pancakes.

“Morning” Bradley said turning into the kitchen to see Brooke and his mother in the kitchen.

“Oh! Morning honey how was your night? Did you get your needed sleep?” She asked as she continued to work.

“Yes I feel great” He responded with a big stretch.

“Oh darn! We don’t have enough milk left. Brad can you run out for some milk?” Brooke asked as she closed the fridge door.

“The convenience store is just down the street.” Ms. Abbott suggested to his son.

“Ya sure, I’ll go to the store it isn’t much further and id rather get it from there anyway it cheaper then the jacked up price the convenience store would charge.

Felicia thanked her son as he put on his jacket and headed out the door. He started the engine and drove off down the road heading to the market. Once there he called his mother to remember which kind of milk and how much. The lines weren’t long since it was the morning of Thanksgiving and Bradley found himself out of the store within five minutes and back home in fifteen.

“They only had half gallons so I just got two.” Bradley called out to the kitchen as he hung his coat up on one of the hooks next to the door.

Brad walked back into the kitchen but his mother wasn’t there. The plates of food that had been finished were all out on the table along with plates, forks, knives, cups, and napkins. He put the milk in the fridge and turned off the toaster which his mother had left on. He then walked to the bathroom to see if she was in there but it was empty. He then went back to his own bedroom to see if Brooke was awake yet. He pushed open the door to find an empty bed and an empty room. He called out again and got no answer until his phone went off with a text from Brooke which read In basement playing games while waiting for you. Brad headed to the stairs and walked down to the finished basement which had a flat screen and a game-station along with a pool table.

“Hey Brad did you get the milk?” Brooke asked greeting him at the bottom steps.

“Ya its in the fridge. Who is down here with you? My mom was the only one awake when I left.” Bradley asked trying to peer over Brooke who was wearing a white tanktop on top of her clearly visible bright pink laced bra and jean shorts.

“Everyone got up after you left and we came down here to play some games.” Brooke said with an evil grin on her face.

Brad had a feeling something was up and followed Brooke to the main finished room where the television and pool table were. He stopped in the doorway Brooke giggling behind him. She grabbed his cock and began to stroke it and nibble on his neck as he looked into the room. His brothers were laying on the floor stripped naked their arms wrapped around each other and taped while their cocks were secured into one another’s mouths by tape encasing their heads and blinding them in.
His father was dressed in his pajama shirt and pants secured down to one of the wooden chairs from the storage room with several coils of rope and a large dirty rag tied over his eyes and a second around his mouth. His mother was stripped naked and spread across the coffee table facing down with her wrists and ankles tied to the legs of the table a large vibrator moving around in her pussy as she moaned into her very stuffed and tapped gag her eyes unseen due to the sleeping mask she had on. One the couch was his sweet little sister still dressed in her long night shirt and little panties hogtied with rope rolling back and forth blindfolded into darkness as she made muffled complaints into her tape gag.

“I think I may have gotten carried away with your family while you were gone.” Brooke whispered into her lover’s ear as he looked at his captive family.

“Brooke –“ Brad said unable to produce words or process the scene in his basement.

“Yes dear?” Brooke replied as she continued to stroke his clearly exposed and erect cock and kissed his neck.

“What? How? Why? Di-Mmmpphh” Bradley rambled before Brooke’s other hand covered his mouth.

“Shhhhh – Ill tell you everything just relax-“ Brooke said continuing to stroke her boyfriends cock as he let out a moan into her hand over his mouth.

Brooke’s hand moved from her boyfriend’s mouth and she began to strip him of all his clothes as she explained how they had ended up in this situation.

“You see last night after I finished playing with you and you fell asleep I decided to play your brothers a visit. I could tell they were eying me at dinner and Id be lying if I said they weren’t cute-“ Brooke started taking off Brad’s shirt and unzipped his pants.

“Derek was first and then Doug. It wasn’t hard to bend them to my will once I batted my lashes and showed some skin-“ she continued as Brad became more aroused hearing the story and watching his brothers squirm on the floor.

“I played with those two for most of the night until I hade my fill of them and they had their fill of each other.” Brooke said making an inference to making them cum in each other’s mouths.

“Next was your little sister there. I was going to save her for last but she was walking out of the bathroom when I was leaving Doug’s room and she saw them rolling around on the floor and I couldn’t let her go run off and tell anyone-“ Brad listened to the story as Brooke continued to strip him to the bare flesh.

“She was feisty but she didn’t stand much of a chance. Once I secured Audrey I figured I already had both your brothers and sister so I should just collect the entire family before you got up. So I went to the kitchen where dear mommy was already starting breakfast and that’s where you came in – “ Brook continued to explain as she cuffed Brad’s wrists together above his head to a low pipe in the room.

“You walking in on me did change my plans a bit but nothing I couldn’t handle. I made you get milk and took my time with mommy over there –“ she said with a chuckle walking over to Brad’s mother tied across the table nude and flicked one of her nipples causing her to moan.

“And your dad didn’t put up much of a fight not that I can blame him I do have a way with men.” Brook finished as she kissed Brad’s father on the cheek.

“Brooke can you let us go please? You had your fun.” Bradley asked as he hung from the pipe cuffed and naked sporting a fully erect cock.

“My dear baby, we both know you don’t want that just look at you” Brooke said referring to his hard throbbing manhood.

Brooke then walked over to a black bag which had been hidden in the corner of the room. Bradley recognized it as one of the smaller bags Brooke had brought with her on the trip. She pulled out a cute blue dress and a long blonde wig.

“Lets get you all dressed up” Brooke said walking back to her captive boyfriend with the dress in her hand.

“Brooke no, please not here.” Brad pleaded not wanting Brooke to dress him like a girl in front of his family.

“Now now be a good girl and do as I say!”  Brooke said with a giggle as she uncuffed Brad’s hands and slid the dress over his arms.

Brad’s face blushed as his dominating girlfriend treated him like a little girl. Once the dress was on Brad’s hands were re cuffed behind his back and a collar which read ‘whore’ was put around Brad’s neck. The boy offered little resistance as he secretly loved when he was treated like this and with his family here felt more thrilled.

“Awww does little Brenda like her dress?” Brooke asked in a mocking tone looking at Bradley’s cock clearly hard and stiff under the dress.

“Y-yes” Brad said embarrassed looking down at the floor.

Brooke then grabbed the golden blonde wig and put it on Brad attaching it with clips to make it stay on. With Brad now looking like a pretty girl cuffed and ballgagged Brooke walked over to each member of the family and removed their blindfolds so they could all see how much of a sissy whore Brad was. One after the other they all gazed upon Brad who’s face had turned red with embarrassment.

“Don’t be ashamed your cute. Besides its not like they are in any better position to judge.” Brooke said looking at her boyfriend who was trying to look away from the eyes of his family.

“Mmmppphhhh!” Brad’s mother screamed at the site of her family all bound and gagged and at her son who Brooke had dressed like a girl.

“Oh Ms. Abbott doesn’t he look cute?” Brooke said to Brad’s mom as her hand ran across her naked restrained form.

Brad was already turned on but watching his girlfriend tease his captive mother along with the rest of the predicament only made him more excited. Brooke giggled and pulled down her bottoms and panties to reveal a strap-on. Bradley watched as his girlfriend and mistress slid into his mother making her moan into her gag.

“Ms. Abbott don’t kid yourself. They can all see how excited you are and they are all turned on by this. And you cant blame them for a woman of your age you have a great figure” Brooke said squeezing her breasts as Felicia looked at her three sons and husband who all were looking at her.

“Mmmpphh-“ Felicia moaned as Brooke’s rubber cock slide back and forth and she kissed nibbled and bit her neck and breasts.

Bradley fell to his knees and watched as his girlfriend fucked his submissive mother with the fake cock. Felicia moaned into her gag as Brooke played with her pinching and twisting her nipples, kissing and biting her, and using the strap-on to great satisfaction. Doug and Derek were also enjoying the view of Brooke and their mother although being restrained to one another and having each other’s cocks in their mouths made it a bit interesting. After a while they could feel and taste the other’s excitement and gave in to the pleasure. Bradley’s eyes which had been glued to his mother and Brooke glanced over to his brothers who were both clearly excited and pleasing each other with their mouths chocking every so often. Felicia’s husband watched the site in front of him unfold as Brooke turned his wife into a begging slut and his sons into sissies.

“Mr. Abbott don’t look so mad. Ill get to you eventually” Brooke said with a grin as the man glared at her.

“Mmmpppphhh-“ Felicia moaned looking at her husband as Brooke pulled her rubber penis out of her.

Brooke walked over to Mr. Abbott and grabbed his cock stroking it as it got harder.

“See Mr. Abbott I wasn’t gonna leave you out” Brooke laughed.

“Mmmppphhh!” Allan protested as his son’s girlfriend jerked him as he sat in the chair bound and gagged.

“Your right Allen Audrey has been left out.” Brooke said stopping her pleasing of Brad’s dad and walking over to the hogtied and gagged Audrey.

“Mmmppphhhh?!” Allan said as Brook undid the girl’s hogtie and dragged her to in font of her father on her knees.

“Go on make daddy happy” Brooke said after she removed Audrey’s gag and pushed her head into Allan’s lap.

“Mmmmppphhh!” Mr. Abbott gasped as his daughter willingly took his cock down her throat.

“Wow, I had a feeling she was into this but I didn’t expect that!” Brooke said with surprise as Audrey’s head bobbed up and down.

Brooke watched as Audrey sucked the cock and pointed her ass in the air begging for more pleasure. With Brooke’s dildo still lubed from fucking Audrey’s mother she grabbed the girl’s waist and pulled down her bottoms and slid into her from behind. Audrey moaned and continued to suck her dad’s cock as Brooke took her from the rear.

“Audrey I should have taken you first.” Brooke said as she thrusted her large rubber penis into the 19 year old girl.

Audrey moaned in pleasure as she continued to suck off Mr. Abbott and get porked from behind by the kinky Brooke who smiled a gleam of lust and desire in her eye. Brooke kept one hand on the girl’s waist and slid the other up her body to cup her small yet perky breasts. Audrey let out a gasp as she felt her mistress pinch her nipple. Sweat dripped from all three as the play became more intense while Bradley along with his brothers and mother watched secretly enjoying every moment.

“Ohhh-gurg-“ Audrey choked as Allan being unable to hold back any longer released his load in her mouth and down her throat.

“Good girl swallow it all.” Brooke ordered pulling out of Audrey and removing the strap-on.

“Than-mmmppphhhhh” Audrey began before Brooke jammed the strap on into the girl’s mouth.

Brooke flipped the belt on the strap-on and secured it around the girl’s head turning it into an effective penis gag. Audrey on her knees looked up at Brooke who just smiled. Brooke walked back over to her boyfriend who was still on his knees trying to hide his erection. She walked past a still panting and sweating Felicia as well as Derek and Doug bound on the floor sucking each other’s cocks with great embarrassment but much pleasure.

“Well Bradley and I should start working on dinner. I will come back down to get you when everything is ready.” Brooke said as she grabbed her boyfriend and led him up the stairs and turned out the lights leaving the rest of the family in the basement in total darkness securely bound and gagged.

After several hours of the Abbot family’s imprisonment in their own basement the door at the tom of the stairs opened sending light flowing onto the steps. Brooke walked down slowly each step making the hearts of each member of the Abbott family beat faster. First she walked over to Audrey who had her hands bound behind her back and the strap-on gag in her mouth.

The girl was lead up the stairs with care and with the help of Brooke was washed and dressed up in a nice dress from her closet. Her hands were cuffed in front of her and attached to a collar around her neck and her gag was replaced with a ringgag. She was then sat down at the dinner table which had been nicely done for the occasion. Brooke then attached a chain to the back of the collar to the chair and cuffed Audrey’s ankles to the legs of the chair.

Brooke then headed back into the basement and disconnected the brothers and led them up one at a time still bound. They were cleaned up and put in new restraints and also given ringgags. Just like Audrey both boys were sat down at the table and secured to it. Their new erections were visible through their clothes. Brooke smiled and kissed them both before heading back down stairs.

“Ms. Abbott it is your turn.” Brooke said kindly as she removed the restraints keeping Felicia secured to the table and lead her to her and her husband’s bedroom to change.

Just like her daughter and sons before her she was cleaned and dressed followed by cuffs, a collar, and a new ringgag. Brooke smiled looking at the defeated and submissive mother who longed to be teased and used more. She too was brought to the dinner table and cuffed to the chair by her collar and ankles.

Lastly was Allan Abbott who was still tied to the chair in the basement bound and gagged his cock sticking out from when Audrey had pleasured him. Brooke looked down at Mr. Abbott who unlike before had looked at her with anger now looked at her in surrender and perhaps longing for more. He was cleaned and dressed rechained and silenced before rejoining his family at the table where all but Bradley seemed to be.

“You all look so nice” Brooke said looking at the family all bound and gagged at the dinner table.

“Just one think could make this picture better ---“ Brooke said with a chuckle reaching for the lid on the tray in the middle of the table.

She lifted up the lid of the very large tray to reveal her boyfriend Bradley. The boy was hogtied and gagged with an apple and a carrot in his ass.

“Don’t worry that’s just for the family photo. The real turkey is in the kitchen.” She said snapping at least a dozen pictures of the family all together.

“Well I don’t know about any of you but this is a Thanksgiving I wont ever forget.” She said snapping one last picture.
Meeting Bradleys Girlfriend - Thanksgiving


Meeting Bradley’s Girlfriend - Thanksgiving Special (2015)

Plot: This year for Thanksgiving Bradley Abbott decided to bring how his college girlfriend Brooke to meet the family.

This is my Thanksgiving special story I hope you enjoy it please remember to comment and leave feedback. Your opinions and thoughts can help me with my stories in the future. Thank you for all of your support with my stories.


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