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OverLooker's Bondage Adventures - Emma & my gift to Mark

I hope you enjoy and please comment.

It was nearing the birthday for one of Emma's close friends. Her friend was turning 16 years old and Emma wanted his 16th birthday to be one he would remember for ever. The boy's name was Mark and he was a pretty good looking boy. I had heard stories of Mark's sexual exploits and met him a few times but sadly never got to experience them that is untill his 16th birthday. Mark was a fan of bondage and perfered being the dominate and Emma knew just what to get him for his birthday.

Emma planned a nice party for him and asked me to help with presents and everything so I went to her house the day before to help her wrap up all the gifts. I showed up around 11:30 AM and we wrapped boxes and packages for a few hours before taking a little break. We finaly finished and Emma said I did a good jobnas she wasted no time pulling ovv her shirt in the middle of her kitchen. She teased me a bit and got me all hard. She stripped me down to nothing and ziptied my wrists behind my back followed by my ankles. I laughed and got turned on untill things started to head south.

Once I was nude and all zip tied up she laughed and explained that I was going to be the last and final gift for Mark as she hogtied me. I complained of course but once Emma jammed the rags in my mouth and secured them in with tape there really wasnt much I could do. So there I was on the kitchen floor of Emma's house naked, hogtied with zipties, rags jammed in my mouth and tapped in. She added the final touch which was a nice cardboard sign around my neck that said 'Fuck me' in red sharpy. Emma rolled me into a large boc by the door and left me there all night untill the party the next day.

Emma's parents drove her to the party along with the gifts including me completly unawarwe I was even inside one of the many boxes. Once there Emma and some friends carried all the gifts and me inside and carried me in to Mark's room. I could hear all the kids laughing and playing games for a few hours then the party started to die down.

Emma was the last person to leave but she didnt until Mark saw the best gift she got him. They made their way to Mark's room and opened the door to see a big brown box in the middle of the floor. Mark asked what it was and all Emma said back was to open it. He ripped open the box and there was cute little me naked, hogtied, and gagged with a fuck me sign around my neck. Mark laughed and kissed Emma. He thanked her and asked her If she wouldnt mind waiting in the other room while he played with his toy. She smiled and walked out of the room as the door closed. Mark took off the sign and undid the hogtie before tossing me onto his bed. He bent me over and slapped my ass a little making it red. He lubbed up and slid himself inside me nice and slow. It felt wonderful to have Mark fucking me on his soft bed.

Two hours later Mark walked out of his bedroom covered in sweat with the largest grin on his face. Emma untied me and gave me some clothes to put on while we waited for her parents to pick us up. Her parents assumed I got my own ride and they counldnt pic me up then never even relized that they drove me to the party too. I made Mark the happiest on his Birthday.


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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

Christmas Eve Surprise

The pure white snow continued to fall forming sheet after sheet on the ground below as the young girl looked out the window. Lizzy was a beautiful young girl with long red hair, soft pale white skin, and a perfect amount of freckles that would make any guy fall head over heels. She looked into the magical night as the moonlight reflected of the blanket of snow. She smiled and looked back at the clock seeing that it read 11:50 PM. She of course knew Santa and his little elves weren't real but she loved to time her parents who always tried to put extra gifts under the tree and pretend more magically came. She went into her bathroom passing her parents room where they were both clearly passed out. She brushed her teeth and looked at the bathroom clock reading 11:58 and the house was still quiet. Just as she was about to leave the bathroom she saw the clock change to 11:59 and she heard a thud from downstairs. Knowing her patents were in bed she was confused to what could have made that sound. Lizzy quietly made her way down the stairs and onto the first floor.

“Don’t you think we are cutting this a bit close Jingle?” a voice said from the living room where the tree and presents were.

“Relax Jangle this is the last house and I put a sleep spell on the house so everyone would stay asleep” a second voice explained.

Lizzy was quite confused about what she had just heard. She turned her head around the corner t peek into the room. Lizzy’s jaw dropped as she looked at the two little people in the next room no taller then three feet wearing small elf outfits. Lizzy quickly moved back and up the stairs to wake her parents.

“Mom! Dad! There are people in the house!” she said as she tried to shake them awake.

Whatever she tried did not seem to wake them from their slumber. She then remembered one of the intruders mention a sleep spell. Lizzy made her way back down the stairs and walked right into the room with the intruders not knowing what would transpire.

“What are you doing here and what did you do to my parents?!” Lizzy asked in a commanding voice to the two short people in front of her.

The two turned around revealing their pointed ears and nose with ice like skin.

“Oh no she saw us the boss is gonna kill us” Jangle said taking off his hat and showing worry.

“Calm down Jangle” Jingle ordered turning to the girl with a smile.

“What are you?!” Lizzy asked transfixed on their clearly elf like features.

“My dear you already know that answer. We are elves. And you are the first human in three hundred years to lay eyes onto one of us.” Jingle explained slowly as he formulated a plan in his head.

“But elves arnt real” Lizzy said still trying to understand the situation.

“Listen here miss don’t you dare say to my face that I don’t exist that’s just rude. Next you will be telling me Unicorns and Centaurs never existed either” Jingle shouted at the girl.

“They don’t!” She shouted back still trying to wrap her head around he predicament.

“Just cause you humans wiped them out along with dragons it don’t mean they never existed” Jangle snapped back.

“What?!” Lizzy said now completely confused and overwhelmed.

“Forget it we don’t have time for this!” Jingle said as he snapped his fingers into the air.

As if out of nowhere red and green ribbons began to wrap around the girl. Lizzy began to struggle but by the time she did her legs and arms were completely secured and restricted from movement of any kind.

“Hel-mmmmpppphhhhhhhhh” Lizzy screamed out as Jingle pulled out a ring gag and jammed it into her mouth.

The redheaded girl continued to struggle as Jangle pulled down her pajama pants revealing her bare ass.

“Look Jingle no panties”  Jangles said with a smile.

The two elves dragged the now bound and gagged girl over to the coffee table next to the tree and the gifts. The bent her over the table and continued to laugh as she screamed into the ringgag. Jingle stood in front of her while Jangle stood behind. The elves then pulled down their pants to reveal their throbbing cocks.

“Open wide” Jingle said jokingly knowing the gag would keep her open.

As if planned the two elves entered Lizzy at the same time causing her to moan which was silenced by Jingle’s cock. The two elves slid in and out of her over and over. Eventually they both exploded covering her face and back before switching positions and going a second time. The elves finally finished as the large clock in the room chimed three times. They both pulled out and exploded once more covering Lizzy in more elfen cum.

“I think we had our Christmas wish don’t you?” Jingle said to Jangle with a smile and a laugh.

“Mmmmppphhhh?!?!” Lizzy moaned as some cum slid out of her ringgagged mouth.

“Yes we did” Jangle replied.

“Good then lets fix this and head back to the Pole before we get n trouble” Jingle said once again snapping his fingers.

“Mmmmmpppphhhhhmmmpppppphhhhhhhh?!?!” Lizzy screamed as a white flash blinded her eyes before throwing everything into darkness.

Lizzy shot out of her bed almost falling onto the floor. The sun was shining into her bedroom through her window and the snow and started to melt under its rays. She looked around the room and then looked at herself. She was in her bed alone and nothing seemed to be out of place. She stood up and looked at her wrists and ankles where she had been tied but there were no marks to be seen.

“Could it all have been a dream?” Lizzy asked herself as she looked into the mirror.

“Lizzy hunny me are going downstairs for presents ok?” Lizzy’s mom said through the door.

“I’ll be down in a minute” Lizzy said still breathing deep and heavy.

She though the dream had felt so real but as she thought more and more it was hard to think that elves could exist or unicorns, centaurs, or any kind of magic. She let out a huge sigh and a smile before leaving her room and walking down stairs. She walked into the living room with her parents and began to open the gifts. The three shared jokes and laughter as the presents were opened. After the gift exchange was done Lizzy took a nice warm shower before heading back to her room.

She pushed her bedroom door open and saw a single wrapped present on the bed. She walked over saw there was no card or label on it. She slowly took off the wrapping paper to reveal a white box. Lizzy removed the lid and pulled out it’s contents. Inside was a ringgag, and a single picture frame which said Merry Christmas on the top with a picture of her stripped bound and gagged covered in elf sperm. A small card inside read Thanks for a very merry Christmas love Jingle and Jangle.

Lizzy felt a warm sensation and smiled hoping she would get the same gift for the holidays next year.

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