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OverLooker's Bondage Adventures - Emma & my gift to Mark

I hope you enjoy and please comment.

It was nearing the birthday for one of Emma's close friends. Her friend was turning 16 years old and Emma wanted his 16th birthday to be one he would remember for ever. The boy's name was Mark and he was a pretty good looking boy. I had heard stories of Mark's sexual exploits and met him a few times but sadly never got to experience them that is untill his 16th birthday. Mark was a fan of bondage and perfered being the dominate and Emma knew just what to get him for his birthday.

Emma planned a nice party for him and asked me to help with presents and everything so I went to her house the day before to help her wrap up all the gifts. I showed up around 11:30 AM and we wrapped boxes and packages for a few hours before taking a little break. We finaly finished and Emma said I did a good jobnas she wasted no time pulling ovv her shirt in the middle of her kitchen. She teased me a bit and got me all hard. She stripped me down to nothing and ziptied my wrists behind my back followed by my ankles. I laughed and got turned on untill things started to head south.

Once I was nude and all zip tied up she laughed and explained that I was going to be the last and final gift for Mark as she hogtied me. I complained of course but once Emma jammed the rags in my mouth and secured them in with tape there really wasnt much I could do. So there I was on the kitchen floor of Emma's house naked, hogtied with zipties, rags jammed in my mouth and tapped in. She added the final touch which was a nice cardboard sign around my neck that said 'Fuck me' in red sharpy. Emma rolled me into a large boc by the door and left me there all night untill the party the next day.

Emma's parents drove her to the party along with the gifts including me completly unawarwe I was even inside one of the many boxes. Once there Emma and some friends carried all the gifts and me inside and carried me in to Mark's room. I could hear all the kids laughing and playing games for a few hours then the party started to die down.

Emma was the last person to leave but she didnt until Mark saw the best gift she got him. They made their way to Mark's room and opened the door to see a big brown box in the middle of the floor. Mark asked what it was and all Emma said back was to open it. He ripped open the box and there was cute little me naked, hogtied, and gagged with a fuck me sign around my neck. Mark laughed and kissed Emma. He thanked her and asked her If she wouldnt mind waiting in the other room while he played with his toy. She smiled and walked out of the room as the door closed. Mark took off the sign and undid the hogtie before tossing me onto his bed. He bent me over and slapped my ass a little making it red. He lubbed up and slid himself inside me nice and slow. It felt wonderful to have Mark fucking me on his soft bed.

Two hours later Mark walked out of his bedroom covered in sweat with the largest grin on his face. Emma untied me and gave me some clothes to put on while we waited for her parents to pick us up. Her parents assumed I got my own ride and they counldnt pic me up then never even relized that they drove me to the party too. I made Mark the happiest on his Birthday.


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McCarthy's School for Boys - Part 5

I knew being sent to an all boys school would be different but I never thought it would be this weird........................

"Ok class thats all for today. I want you all to enjoy your weekends but dont forget the assignment due on Monday!" Mr. Jones said as I got up from my seat with the other students and filed out of the room.

It had been a full month since I had first started at McCarthy's School for Boys and I had plenty of unforgettable experiences. However this weekend was special this weekend my younger brother would be visiting me and staying for the weekend.
I got a text from my brother Zack saying that he was waiting at the main campus lobby for me with mom and dad. I wasted no time rushing over to see my family.

"Hi hunny" my mom said giving me a great big hug.

"How is school so far?" my dad asked looking around the building at all the portraits and maps.

"Its great Ive made plenty of friends and my roommate is pretty fun to hang out with." I replied with a smile.

"Well come on I only have till Sunday how about a tour" Zack said shifting his backpack onto his right shoulder.

We said our good byes and headed off to my dorm to drop off Zack's bag. Along the way I pointed out the buildings and some of the people I had met. Zack's eyes darted from one thing to another trying to absorb it all.

"Here we are" I said putting my key into the lock of Dorm 307.

I opened the door to reveal the decent sized room with two beds,  a bathroom, desk with computer, t.v, and a closets. Inside was Jp playing some first person shooter game on the t.v we shared.

"Who are you?" Jp asked as he paused the game and turned around to see my brother standing in the doorway.

"This is Zack my brother hes staying with us till Sunday. I told you last week" I answered.

"Oh right. Well James jr. im Jp nice to meet you" Jp said putting his hand out for my brother to shake.

"The names Zack not James jr." Zack said shaking hands with my roommate.

"Anyway I'm gonna give him a tour of the campus and then we'll be back" I informed Jp as my brother put his bag on my bed.

"Well be sure to be back by dark" Jp said with a laugh referencing the activities that occurred at our school after dark.

I gave him a glare as if to tell him to shut up and he did.

"I just need to use the bathroom first" Zack said sliding past me and into the bathroom closing the door.

"Well hes cute" Jp said.

"Dont ever think about it Jp" I said.

"Aww why you dont like the idea of me having you both?" he said standing up and grabbing my balls and placing his other hand over my mouth playfully.

"You know the rules once on campus everyone is fair game. Be careful showing him around I heard the upper class boys were on the hunt." Jp warned just as the toilet flushed and Zack walked back out.

"Lets get a move on" Zack said heading out the door.

I followed him out the door and we slowly made our way out of the dorm and outside. We first walked through the main campus building where I had met Zack before. Next we headed to Class Building A. We went up floor by floor as I talked about the school I left out the key aspect which Jp had introduced me to only ten minutes into my first day. I peered into one of the classes only to see a student ballgagged and cuffed and bent over a table being spanked by a teacher.

"Whats going on in there?" Zack asked.

"Nothing. Just a kid in detention" I quickly lied as we moved on not letting Zack see.

We finished the Class A building without any more close encounters and headed into the Class B building which was built more for science and math classes. After we finished the tour we headed back to my dorm for the night.

"You know mom is planning on sending me here next year" Zack said with a smile.

"I bet i'll have a blast" he said as we entered the Dorm building lobby.

"Yea..." i said hesitating thinking of Zack getting all bound and gagged.

We walked up the stairs not wanting to use the elevator and found ourselves back at my dorm. We headed inside to find Jp had left a note saying he was out and would be back later in the night. The two of us turned on the t.v and began to watch some cartoons while I typed up my paper for Mr. Jones's class. Just as I finished my paper Jp walked back into the room and hopped onto his bed and looked at me as if expecting something to happen.

"Im gonna shower real quick. Zack stay in the dorm ok?" I said as i got up from my computer.

"Ok" Zack said still watching the t.v.

It felt like I was in there forever but it felt so good. The hot watter poured down onto me and a ran the soap against my skin. After some time I finally got out and dried myself off. I walked out of the bathroom with nothing but the towel around my waist.

"Hey Jp I-" I began but stopped in mid sentence as stared on in shock.

Jp was sitting at the computer chair which was turned to face me. His hands were tied behind the chair and his pants and boxers were at his ankles.

"Mmmmppphhhh" Jp said through his cleave gagged mouth.

"Look at how excited he is" Zack said taking his index finger and flicking Jp's erect cock.

"Wh- what did you do?" I asked both in shock and in laughter at Jp's situation.

"Well I did what anyone would do. After you got into the shower Jp here told me more about this school. And well i felt like her would look so cute like this" Zack explained flicking Jp's cock again.

"MMmmppphhh" Jp moaned as a but of cum leaked out.

"Well... I have wanted Jp like this for a while. How about we keep him like this for the weekend?"
I suggested as evil and lustful thoughts entered my head.

"Of course big brother I say you and I have some fun with Jp here" Zack said with a chuckle.

My brother and I wasted little time tossing Jp onto the bed and bending him over. By the time we were dont taking turns with Jp I had busted on him at least five times as did Zack. When we were done we removed his gag letting him speak.

"Not gonna lie James, It was nice to see you in charge for once. But you needed your brother to do it.. I bet you c-" Jp spoke but before he finished I put the gag back into his mouth and patted his head.

"How about another round?" I said not giving much choice.

The weekend was over before we knew it and I was walking Zack back down to the campus building to meet with mom and dad. Jp was still in my room tightly bound and gagged for me to have alone later. We saw mom and dad waving and we waved back as we got close.

"Did you enjoy it here?" our mom asked Zack.

"Oh yes more then anything else. I need to be here next year." Zack replied.

"Good. We can go enroll you now" mom said with a smile unaware to the real reasons we liked the school.

"I hope James here showed you the ropes to the school. I remember my first days here it was pretty interesting" my dad said with a smirk.

Zack and I shared a look and then looked at dad before they left and headed back home. I returned to my room to see cute Jp still laying on the bed bound and gagged his smooth pale ass exposed.

"Ok Jp ready for round forty seven?" I said with a laugh.

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